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Pricing is based on Monthly Active Users (MAUs). All features are included. Unlimited flows. Unlimited seats.
Monthly Active Users
Up to 500 MAUs$49/month
Up to 2,500 MAUs$99/month
Up to 10,000 MAUs$199/month
Up to 25,000 MAUs$399/month
>25,000 MAUsContact sales

Common pricing questions

What counts as an MAU (Monthly Active User)?
A user counts as active in a given month if they visit your app where Userflow is installed. Example: If you have 10,000 users in your database, and 6,000 of them signed into your app within the last month, then you have 6,000 MAUs.
What if I reach my plan's MAU limit?
The MAU limit is a soft limit. If you go over by a few in one month, you won't hear from us. If you go substantially over, we'll give you an easy option to upgrade your plan. The price of the new plan minus the pro-rated amount you've already paid for your current billing period will be billed the same day.
How many users can I invite to my account?
Unlimited. The value you get from Userflow is making flows. The more people at your company you invite, they more and better flows you can make.
Can I pay yearly?
Yes. Just choose yearly billing when entering your card details after your 14-day trial expires. You'll save 2 months worth (16.7%).
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time as long as you don't exceed the new plan's limit.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. You just pay as you go — month-to-month (or year-to-year if you choose yearly billing). You can cancel anytime without penalty.
What if I want to cancel?
If you decide that Userflow is not for you, you can cancel your account under Settings -> Billing.
Will my data be private and safe?
Yes. You and your users' information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We do not sell or share this data with anyone else. Our servers are hosted in Google Cloud Platform, and all communication with our service is encrypted.
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