Live Manuscript

One of the most powerful features of Userflow is Live Manuscript.

With Live Manuscript you control a remote browser inside Userflow. Userflow tracks your actions and automatically adds them to your manuscript. Userflow will repeat your actions when rendering the video, except Userflow will move the mouse smoothly and avoid typos.

Example usage

Example of what you could do:

  • You write in the remote browser’s address bar and hit Enter.
  • You click in the Email field and type .
  • You click in the Password field and type abc123 .
  • You click the Sign in button.

Userflow would add the following actions to your manuscript along the way:

  • Go to
  • Type <br/> into Email
  • Type abc123 <br/> into Password
  • Click Sign in


Here’s a walk-through of how to use Live Manuscript:

So.. this is a bit of a sore point for us, but we are extremely embarrassed that the above video was not actually made with Userflow. Userflow can’t yet interact with content in a video feed, and Live Manuscript uses a video feed from the remote browser. We are working on adding this feature!

On the bright side, this is a perfect example of why companies need Userflow: Mumbling, odd mouse movements, typos, bad pacing, funky accent, keyboard clicking, background noise. This video has it all. Ew.

How to use

When looking at a video’s manuscript, click Open Live Manuscript in the top.

Once the remote browser starts (typically takes 5-10 seconds), enter the URL you want to visit in the remote browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

Now you control the remote browser with your own mouse and keyboard.

Observe how Userflow adds actions on the left as you click/type.

Use the controls in the top to replay your actions:

  • Start over: Will navigate the browser to a blank page and reset all browser state (cookies and data). Does not remove any of the actions.
  • Play: Continuously performs the next action until you click Pause . This is useful if you want to see how the whole video will play out.
  • Step: Performs just the next action and then pauses. This is useful if you’re debugging what’s going on in a video and want to step to a specific action.

Check the Fast mode checkbox to make Userflow perform the actions quickly. In this mode, the mouse is moved instantly between elements and there’s no delay while typing. This is useful if you want to quickly step to a specific step.

If you want to delete one or more actions, for example if you clicked somewhere by mistake, click the Edit button. Then check the actions you want to delete and click Delete selected .

When you’re done recording your actions, click Close Live Manuscript . You’ll now see the main manuscript view containing all the actions you added. Next, you’ll probably want to split the actions into multiple segments and add voice-over. The onboarding tutorial explains in great detail how to do this. You have completed the onboarding tutorial, right? If not, or if you want to try it again, click Show tutorial again in the top Help menu.

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